Review: Do Not Buy, From

7 Jun

I’m an avid online shopper; I prefer it to shopping off line, because well there are no lines! It’s quick, easy and usually pretty reliable. I have never had any problems with any online retailers! I still don’t have a problem with any of them; but one, BUY.COM. I’ve shopped on their website before, but usually for simple merchandise like DVD’s and small gifts, usually nothing over $50.00 at a time and usually the product arrives and I don’t have any issues.

Cyber Monday came about and I received an intriguing e-mail from, claiming they are having major sales on electronics! Usually I ignore these e-mails but I had my fingers crossed that I would see a good mp3 player on that list because about two weeks ago mine stopped working after a good 3 years – Low and behold!!! I see the exact MP3 player I wanted to purchase from Best Buy for $250.00, the Creative Zen: M series. was offering a refurbished Creative Zen: M series, 30GB MP3 player for $99.00! I immediately decided I had to get it, before it sells out.

I waited a little over one week and received my new MP3 player, I was psyched; turned it on and began uploading my music and pictures! Everything worked and looked good; that is until, the next day – I tried to turn it on so I could continue uploading songs, but it wouldn’t turn on. I knew that I charged it to the max when I first got it, so the battery wasn’t dead – but I decided to try charging it again, but when I put the charger into the device, no lights came on, which I found odd. I left it for an hour or so and nothing, I kept trying everything and nothing worked, so as one would imagine I was pissed off.

I logged into my account on and clicked on “help” so I could find a customer support number. Guess what? There was no customer support number! Only an e-mail system – FINE, so I sent them an e-mail, 15 times with no responses. I started to get annoyed so I went on google and did a search to see if I could find a number for them, instead I found a few blog’s where bloggers were complaining of the same issues and that they found a number, but it directed them to customer service in India and all of the sales rep’s they would speak to were no help at all. But I still had to try and contact them; I thought I might have better luck! But I guess not because I spent 3.5hrs on hold once, until I got tired of no one picking up, then for another 1.5, then 2hrs later that day when I tried again. So I went back to the blog’s and found a corporate number for them in the USA.

I finally got through to someone on the corporate number – to only be told can not exchange or refund me that I have to call the manufacturer. Lesson learned, never buy from – they sell you a product, if it’s a defective item or you need to contact them, they make sure you have to work hard to find a number; it’s interesting how they try to hide their customer support number, no one responds with their email system – my whole experience was horrible. Now I am sitting here, waiting to reach someone at Creative in the hopes that they could help me, if not – I’m stuck with a broken MP3 Player, $106.00 gone forever and will have to end up buying a new player.

So, for anyone out there, a word of advice: NEVER BUY, FROM BUY.COM, because if you do and something goes wrong, consider the money you spent – gone for good.


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