Reviews! Best Online COUPON websites!

27 Jun

As an avid online shopper, I am constantly looking for some sort of coupon or deal to use at check out. I mean HEY if I can get it a little cheaper or with free shipping; WHY NOT? so in my years of [shopping] searching I have come across many coupon websites, but I only came back to a certain few. I would love to share my favorites with all of you! because I know how difficult it can be – esp with a lot of scam sites out there. My top three choices allow you to search and use the coupons without registering; but of course they offer you more perks if you do – these are the only ones I found without any gimmicks. I hope you find them easy to use as well, enjoy!

http://www.mypoints.comno actual coupons here, but if you shop at your favorite stores thru them, you earn points, its free to sign up and use… so far I’ve earned over; $200 in spa treatments, over $300 in amazon certificates, $100 in cash & etc; it’s really easy… if you are going to shop anyway, might as well come here first, find your store and click on it. Some proof – cause I know some people wouldn’t believe me and assume they told me to write something nice about them!

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