Travel Review! Romantic Getaway – Cove Pocono Palace

28 Jun

$10.00 portrait by the set up candle lit dinner.

My husband and I went to Caesars Pocono Palace (now with a new title and owner LINK HERE) for his 26th Birthday weekend in Feb 2009, we left the baby with my parents and were on our way! The trip wasn’t long from New York City, about 1hr and 30 mins by car. Once we pulled into the drive way, we got a bit scared… it looked like it was in the middle of a forest in nowhere land, then once we actually pulled into the main parking area the resort/hotel look big, nice and well kept. Inside the main building it was very well kept and pretty, the staff was pleasant as well.

The Living Room, TV is small and far from the sofa oh and the programming sucks.

Now we get to the main reason everyone want’s to go there: THE ROOM. Well, I have to say I paid extra to enjoy a stay in the Champagne Tower by Cleopatra, we had room 536. The room was BEAUTIFUL, clean, I saw no chipping wallpaper or dirt anywhere. Although in the actual champagne tower, you could see the bottom has been used for years without being replaced, but it’s not that big of a deal, some wear marks can not be removed unless you replace it. The rest of the room was in very good condition the heart pool was excellent, clean and always very warm (which I LOVED). The bed was huge and the mirrors were a nice addition lol. The fire place was very pretty to have on for the time you sit and relax next to it.

'Where the Magic Happens"

The food was DELICIOUS, enough to feed an army… but very well prepared and fresh, which is more then I can say about A LOT of places. We always opted for a table for two and never once had to wait in a line (like others have said). The wait-staff were friendly and worked quick too.

The nightly entertainment was nice, a typical resort band plays music in the lounge area and it’s pleasant to sit, drink and listen to (or dance if you really want too) — then on some nights they have a comedian on (we had John Cafry) that was a nice surprise, he was FUNNY. The reason why I say “nice” and not “superb” is because on most of the cruises I’ve been on the entertainers have put on huge broadway’esc productions, even bollywood with acrobatics, but I guess this is a more laid back atmosphere.

Champange Tower (Looks beautiful, but not worth it - I promise)

Now… my dislikes and advice for others…

DO NOT WASTE YOU’RE MONEY ON A ROOM WITH A CHAMPAGNE TOWER, yes it is beautiful and great for photos, but other then that?? nothing, esp is you have a heated mini-pool. It takes about 1hr+ for the glass to actually fill up with water, esp since they only have one faucet running into it. Then by the time you go to check on it, the water is either too hot or too cold, once you actually get in it, you feel the draft the doorway behind you since the area doesn’t close… so you end up sitting in luke-warm water at best, but by then you’re so annoyed that you just go back to the best part of the room… the heated pool, which is 100 times better anyway. Next time I’ll get a room with just a pool and save enough money to spend 2 or 3 extra nights there.

DRESS “CODE” – DO NOT JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT’S COVER: Me and my husband figured if we were paying so much per night, that we had to bring nice dress clothes for dinner and the nightly events, when I came into the dining room in my dress… I felt like I was being stared down by everyone (and I was) – just to give you an idea, we saw a lot of people in sneakers at dinner, sweats and hoodlies… so ladies and gents – bring a nice going out top and your favorite jeans… not a nice dress and suit.

Nice Fireplace (gotta pay $7 for the wood and it burns out in 2 hrs.

“ALL INCLUSIVE” they are not, Breakfast and Dinner is all you get, lunch is NOT INCLUDED and neither (obviously) are the drinks. Although after paying so much, they could have at least given your first 2 drinks free and lunch too.

“FREE” Games/Entertainment: Well the nightly shows are free to come in and watch, so that’s fine. You can are also get a few rides on a snow mobile for free (I think we didn’t do it cause of the weather and timing issues) and hit the gym too. The Game room is upstairs where you can play miniature golf, billiards and ping pong for free. NOT FREE are the very poor selection of arcade games or air hockey.

PORTRAITS: The photographer is lovely, but umm … they rip you off more then a cruise does on the portraits! $10.00 for a “5×7” and $20.00 for an “8×10” — and of course you end up shelling out the money because it’s not easy to really capture memories on your own in the same light. That pissed me off because I am a Celebrity Photo Retoucher and still couldn’t fix the “scanned” 5×7’s cause the paper type discolors the photos when scanned. SO BUYER BEWARE.

Heated Heart Shaped Pool (BEST FEATURE THERE)

PLEASE do not get scarred about the CON’S I listed, I am only trying to be helpful and save you some money and luggage weight hehe, because over-all the time spent here was GREATTTTTTTTTTT, with a few quirks along the way, next time my husband and I go, we are skipping the champagne glass, getting a cheaper room and staying longer!


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