Review! The Most Comfortable Sandal; EVER!

11 Jul

FitFlops Women's Hyker Sandal

FitFlops Women's Hyker Sandal

The summer is here and when I walk; I want to feel like I am floating; OK maybe that’s an exaggeration – but I want to feel comfortable. Everyone has different levels of comfort, like   sometimes in the heat your feet swell, you get blisters, cuts and etc – so when looking for a sandal you may want something that you can adjust on the go, have soft material, stretches, ease of wearing and can take a beating. For the most part you can not go wrong with a Flip Flop and I’m going to almost guarantee it’s apart of your shoe collection… if not by the dozen. I love the ease of slipping right in and getting out the door, BUT I was getting ready for a trip to Six Flags and it hit me: 

I don’t really feel like taking off my flip flops and sitting on them during the rides or wearing them and risk them flying off either… SO, what is a girl to do?

go online and look for a solution. There I sat looking through hundreds of sandals; pretty ones, strappy ones, open toe, closed toe, Egyptian, Roman, flat, platforms, if you can name it – I went through it. Since I wasn’t really looking for sandals to walk the runway with, I wondered why all the guy sandals looked so damn comfortable and the woman’s ones were so over the top.

FitFlops Men's Hyker Sandal

FitFlops Men's Hyker Sandal

So I clicked on a guy sandal I thought looked comfortable the FitFlop Men’s Hyka Sandal, just for fun and low and behold – they had the same sandal… FOR WOMEN! the FitFlop Women’s Hyka Sandal – I was in a state of shock. So I clicked-through and read the description and I liked the I could adjust both the ankle strap and the forefront strap to my liking – so I ordered a pair. Once I got them I was nervous that I would get cuts on the back of my foot and forefront area; as many of us do with new shoes… but to my surprise this entire sandal is made up with soft material…everywhere – so no nicks or knacks whatsoever, even after a good 10hrs of nonstop walking in Six Flags. This has been one of the greatest investments I have ever made with a shoe. LOVE THEM! and I think you will too. Only one con: Sometimes if you wear them for a really long period some of the color stays on your feet, but maybe if you wash them [sandals] it would go away – but I am too lazy.

Click here to buy – FitFlop Women’s Hyka Sandal
Click here to buy – FitFlop Men’s Hyka Sandal


2 Responses to “Review! The Most Comfortable Sandal; EVER!”

  1. Beverly Clifton Zastko July 11, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    I have 2 pair of the original fitflop sandals and won’t wear anything else until the weather gets cold. Then I bought a pair of boots for the colder seasons. I had terrible heel pain and I was uncomfortable in even the “best” sneakers, but I put these on and went shopping the first day I owned them and never had any pain. My heel pain has completely disappeared as long as I wear these. They are wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone, especially someone over 50 with heel, ankle, leg or knee pain. They really helped me. Please note, they do take a little getting used to as they might give you the sensation of wobbling and you feel a bit out of balance until you adjust to them, but that goes away quickly, so give them a chance. I think they are worth it!

  2. j.p. July 11, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    Beverly, I totally agree with you – ever since I tried on my first FitFlop Flip Flop, I was HOOKED, my back, legs and feet felt better. When I stumbled upon these sandals; saw FitFlop made them – I was thrilled. Haven’t tried boots by them, but I am going to check them out, didn’t even know they made boots!

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