The Center for Food Safety’s “True Food Shoppers Guide”

15 Aug

Ever wonder if your grocery store shopping list contains genetically modified foods? The Center for Food Safety has just made your next trip down the supermarket isles a little easier with today’s launch of a new mobile phone application that helps identify “GMO” foods on the go!

“The Center for Food Safety’s True Food Shoppers Guide” is freely available for download on iPhone and Android devices, with forthcoming releases for consumers using other platforms as well. The application features the following advantages:

  •  “Four Simple Tips” section gives you easy ways to avoid genetically modified ingredients in any product
  •  “What’s New” brings you an always-updated feed of the Center for Food Safety’s latest news and campaign developments on GMOs and other important food issues. You can even share these articles and announcement with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and more, right from the app!
  • Our “Action” center brings you our latest action alerts on simple things you can do to demand True Food!
  • “Supermarkets and GMOs” lists major supermarket chains across the US and their policies on GMOs and rbGH use. Here you can find non-gmo and rbGH-free store brands, and supermarkets that are entirely non-gmo in their private-label brands!
  • You can browse the Shoppers Guide by category (16 categories in all) in a simple “Green” and “Red” list format, or search for products by brand name or food type
  • The Shoppers Guide also includes the ability to call or email companies listed in the “Red” (those who do not avoid GM ingredients in their products) to let them know you will not buy their products until they drop GMOs
  • Learn about the risks of gm crops and foods, the benefits of and where to buy organics, gm crops in development, rbGH, and more in “More Info”
  • Join the CFS True Food Network or our new Mobile Activists list and get updates and action alerts on the most pressing food issues via email or text message! We are over 100,000 members strong, and growing. Add your voice!
  • Connect with the CFS True Food Network on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
Source: “The True Food Network,” Center for Food Safety

Download the Android App Download the iPhone App

If your device is not yet supported by the mobile guide, The Center for Food Safety has compiled a condensed, printer-friendly version of the application, where consumers can utilize the important information contained within the app to quickly reference brands or ingredients and identify GMO products.

This reference guide is a great step towards empowering consumers with tools that help lead to informed decisions regarding consumption of healthier foods and options. To date, an ongoing consumer poll from shows that 43,652 Americans support the mandatory labeling of all GMO products to facilitate personal decisions on whether or not to buy products that contain genetically modified ingredients. 43,000 Americans is an eye-opening 96.1% of people who’ve answered the MSNBC poll: “Do you believe genetically modified foods should be labeled?” A similar random sample, telephone survey conducted by between June 13th and June 17th, 2011, has shown that out of 1,024 American adults surveyed, 93% want government required labeling on all genetically modified, or “bio-engineered” food products. With such high demand for consumer information, ABC News reports opposition for GMO labeling by the FDA and American Medical Aassociation:

The FDA has said labeling isn’t necessary because there’s no evidence genetic engineering changes a food’s quality, safety, “or any other attribute.” In a report late last year, the American Medical Association also said there was “no scientific justification for special labeling of genetically modified foods, as a class.”


Aside from wide-spread consumer pressure on local governments, law makers, and state assemblies to push for government required labeling of GMO foods, consumers should stay informed with the help of all available possibilities. The Center for Food Safety’s new and easy to use “True Food Shoppers Guide” application is an excellent start to obtaining the necessary information for “on the go” decision-making while shopping for family meals. Remember to check out the printer-friendly version if you do not own an iPhone or an Android device, and stay tuned to The Center for Food Safety’s website for future releases which will support other mobile phones and mobile internet browsers.

One Response to “The Center for Food Safety’s “True Food Shoppers Guide””

  1. j.p. August 16, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    I think our whole agriculture system has to be revamped… get rid of all the junk options so people have to eat healthy… or make them a lot more expensive and make organic cheaper… Pay farmers more then you pay congressmen and then they can afford to hire more people to provide us with better food… just a thought – but wait.. that’s not worth it for our government, cause the sicker we are the more money they get from health care lobbyists.

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