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Reviews! The Perfect Bra for the Busty Girl

8 Jul

The Perfect Bra for the Busty Girl

Oh My Gorgeous Bridget Lace Cami Underwire Bra. Style: 500001779

Do you have a large cup size? can you NEVER find a V-neck, Halter or any nice top to wear because no matter what you put on, the neckline/cut goes way too low cause of the weight of your chest? well join the club! From personal experience V-Necks/Halter tops always look better on girls/women with bigger busts, but when you put one on… people stare you down and think “omg, can’t you cover those up!” ~Women or “DAMN GIRL! I wanna…” ~Men or “I want milk!” ~Baby … you get my point! — nice shirts on us, become way too revealing – hey I guess it’s just gravity. Well, I got sick and tired of going thru my closet and having to put away all of my favorite tops and just wear t-shirts – only because I wanted to go to a show, not be the star of one. So after searching online for a while, I came across many ‘under shirt slips/covers/over the bra tubes’ but I didn’t want to pile on the clothes; because after all, I don’t want to make my self look even larger then I already am. As I continued to search I came across

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Review: Do Not Buy, From Buy.com

7 Jun

I’m an avid online shopper; I prefer it to shopping off line, because well there are no lines! It’s quick, easy and usually pretty reliable. I have never had any problems with any online retailers! I still don’t have a problem with any of them; but one, BUY.COM. I’ve shopped on their website before, but usually for simple merchandise like DVD’s and small gifts, usually nothing over $50.00 at a time and usually the product arrives and I don’t have any issues.

Cyber Monday came about and I received an intriguing e-mail from buy.com, claiming they are having major sales on electronics! Usually I ignore these e-mails but I had my fingers crossed that I would see a good mp3 player on that list because about two weeks ago mine stopped working after a good 3 years – Low and behold!!! I see the exact MP3 player I wanted to purchase from Best Buy for $250.00, the Creative Zen: M series. Buy.com was offering a refurbished Creative Zen: M series, 30GB MP3 player for $99.00! I immediately decided I had to get it, before it sells out. Continue reading