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Travel Review! Romantic Getaway – Cove Pocono Palace

28 Jun

$10.00 portrait by the set up candle lit dinner.

My husband and I went to Caesars Pocono Palace (now with a new title and owner LINK HERE) for his 26th Birthday weekend in Feb 2009, we left the baby with my parents and were on our way! The trip wasn’t long from New York City, about 1hr and 30 mins by car. Once we pulled into the drive way, we got a bit scared… it looked like it was in the middle of a forest in nowhere land, then once we actually pulled into the main parking area the resort/hotel look big, nice and well kept. Inside the main building it was very well kept and pretty, the staff was pleasant as well. Continue reading

Reviews! Best Online COUPON websites!

27 Jun

As an avid online shopper, I am constantly looking for some sort of coupon or deal to use at check out. I mean HEY if I can get it a little cheaper or with free shipping; WHY NOT? so in my years of [shopping] searching I have come across many coupon websites, but I only came back to a certain few. I would love to share my favorites with all of you! because I know how difficult it can be – esp with a lot of scam sites out there. My top three choices allow you to search and use the coupons without registering; but of course they offer you more perks if you do – these are the only ones I found without any gimmicks. I hope you find them easy to use as well, enjoy! Continue reading

Tech! Fooducate Smartphone App for the Health Conscious mind~

23 Jun

Use the free Fooducate App to scan and choose healthier groceries! On iPhone and Android Markets! *Image belongs to the creators of this App"

I recently came across an Android App called: “Fooducate – Eat a bit better™”, curious about the name – I decided to check out the description and user reviews (as I usually do) – BOY WAS I THRILLED TO HAVE STUMBLED UPON THIS ONE. I was really excited to test it out when I went grocery shopping and I was FLOORED with the results. Continue reading