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J.P Designs! New Photos Available for Sale on Zenfolio!

25 Aug

Check it out:

Grand Turk Island Wide

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Grand Turk Smooth Breeze

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Grand Turk Island Blues

Direct Link to Grand Turk Island Blues here


Travel! Best Family Vacation Choice!

5 Aug

A few years ago, I would go and plan my vacation without a hitch, I didn’t care about anything other then “don’t forget the suntan lotion!” ah the good ol’ days! OK I AM DONE DREAMING >>Fast forward to now… “Okay we have the diapers, baby cream, toys, snacks, oh yea the baby!” – a lot has changed. So now when I plan a vacation I tend to take a lot more into consideration; like, is this spot kid friendly? do they have supplies for kids in cause my wipes run out, do they have activities for kids? much more complicated then just worrying about suntan lotion. I guess every parent goes thru the pain and suffering of having to cross of their favorite vacation spot because now… that place – doesn’t have anything for a child to do.

I’m come to the conclusion that by far a Continue reading