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Review! The Most Comfortable Sandal; EVER!

11 Jul

FitFlops Women's Hyker Sandal

FitFlops Women's Hyker Sandal

The summer is here and when I walk; I want to feel like I am floating; OK maybe that’s an exaggeration – but I want to feel comfortable. Everyone has different levels of comfort, like   sometimes in the heat your feet swell, you get blisters, cuts and etc – so when looking for a sandal you may want something that you can adjust on the go, have soft material, stretches, ease of wearing and can take a beating. For the most part you can not go wrong with a Flip Flop and I’m going to almost guarantee it’s apart of your shoe collection… if not by the dozen. I love the ease of slipping right in and getting out the door, BUT I was getting ready for a trip to Six Flags and it hit me: 

I don’t really feel like taking off my flip flops and sitting on them during the rides or wearing them and risk them flying off either… SO, what is a girl to do?

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Entertainment! Celebrities and their Plastic Surgery.

20 Jun

Megan Fox; before and after her many trips to the plastic surgeon. All images are copyrighted to their respected beholders.

Why do celebrities go so far when it comes to looking “perfect”? who defines what perfection is anyway? is it really the ‘fans’ that want their celebrities to look like porcelain dolls or comic book heroines? or maybe it’s the people behind the stars as well as those displaying them – forcing these ideas upon them?

Celebrities go so far, 12 surgeries on every part they possible can get done, constant upkeep … twenty somethings getting BOTOX for wrinkles?!!! then little girls grow up with little boys (and girls) calling then ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ – when their only comparison are these celebrities? kids don’t know that these people are 1) photo retouched and 2) Medically morphed – SO OF COURSE they are going to make fun of 2lbs extra, glasses, eye color, hair, acne – you name it. Then we have a whole new generation with a HUGE COMPLEX; depression, suicides…you name it.

Here is a peek at what was considered a “perfect” beach body in the 60’s and what is considered perfect now:

        Marilyn Monroe – 1962                     Paris Hilton – 2011

What do you guys think? have some celebrities taken perfection way to far? who you do you think went over board?


Review! The Perfect Swimsuit for the Busty Girl

8 Jun

 Panache: Seychelles Halter Style One-Piece Swimsuit

Panache: Seychelles Halter Style One-Piece Swimsuit ($92.00) on barenecessities.com

When busty girls go to the beach… well aside from giving horn-balls eye candy – they don’t want to just sit and look at the water; usually not. Sometimes though, it’s literally too painful to go swimming. We know that the minute we dive in the water is going to make our swimsuits become a total FAIL. I say that because I know from experience, a wet suit makes our heavy top, heavier causing the straps to cut into out neck/shoulders like a knife cutting through bones. Not to mention it brings the whole cleavage down, making us look like we are sagging too– Not very comfortable or attractive. Oh and did I mention indecent exposure too? when the suit drops, it causes the V line to open more, so out ‘girls’ are out on full display. (Guys may like it, but 95% of us do not) Continue reading