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Beauty! A Man’s Guide to Buying Make-Up

22 Jun

So you’re looking to buy your sweetheart or wife something? When it comes to picking out cosmetics for your special someone, men may be clueless of where to begin finding a perfect shade or brand for the woman they love. Women are very particular of what they choose to apply to their face; therefore my personal recommendation is to shy away from buying expensive cosmetic gifts with the expectation of actually getting it right. Take it from a girl whose ex-boyfriend once bought her a surprise gift box containing green and blue eye shadows fit for an adolescent child; great gesture, but all it did was collect dust. If you’re still convinced that you want to take the makeup route and impress your woman, there are a few suggestions I can provide which may lead you in the right direction.

If at all possible, it is good to be familiar with and take note of the makeup products your sweetie already uses. Does she meddle with bright colors, or is she an earth toned kind of girl? Do you notice her in lipstick or just a simple day to day gloss? What sort of brands does she pull out of her purse for a quick touch up? If you recognize Christian Dior, Chanel, MAC, Estée Lauder or Clinique, your best bet is to voyage to a nearby Sephora, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdales makeup counter, where you will find all those familiar brands. If you identify her using Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon or Neutrogena, you’re safe to find something that fits in a regular pharmacy, such as Rite Aid or CVS. My personal suggestion is always going the big department store path if you aim to impress.

If you’re clueless as to what your favorite girl uses yet still insist on shocking her with a gift of cosmetics, then brace yourself, there are a few simple rules you might want to affix to in order to assure your present won’t be a waste of money. First and foremost, never, ever buy bright outrageous colors which include any reds, purples, greens and blues. Keep your selections in neutral tones such as, but not limited to, light pink, beige, cream, light brown and subtle gold. Anything neutral can be worn for all occasions, work well with many skin tones and guarantees use. A gift box from Christian Dior or Chanel which includes a few essential pieces is a wonderful idea, utilize it, and talk to a salesperson if you’re unsure!

You also might want to take into consideration whether or not your significant other actually uses makeup at all. Some women may prefer to only use a bit of mascara and lip gloss, therefore buying her an entire set of cosmetics isn’t a productive idea. Everyone loves MAC’s LipGlass and DiorShow Mascara in black; if you’re still itching to buy her something, you can’t go wrong with these suggestions especially if included among other gifts. Stay away from purchasing foundations and concealers because finding a shade to match her skin perfectly is a science of its own.

Last, but not least: do not let a salesperson talk you into buying a gift box with perfumed lotions. It’s in fact a very taboo and tacky gift idea, and there is a good chance that your girlfriend or wife may be allergic to such chemically condensed fragrances and she is far likely to own a lotion she uses daily and enjoys. Keep it simple and you’re sure to astound your girl with whatever you decide to purchase!